Soccer Betting Picks: EURO2012 – Group A

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Soccer Betting Picks: EURO2012 – Group A

Postby strateg1 » 2012-06-04, 03:19

Soccer Betting Picks: EURO2012 – Group A
By Pieri

No heavy favorites here

Euro 2012 Group A
(Poland, Greece, Russia, Czech Republic)

Looking fast at this line up we have for the Group A, there are four national teams that have a common ingredient, none of them are between the favorites to win this edition of the cup but that is precisely where we can find the excitement because none of the teams will have the pressure of the favoritism, so there we will have four squads trying to prove how much they worth and why they are on this competition.

Poland emerges as a slight favorite here after some improvement on their game in the past couple of years and their co-host condition. They will have all the crowd on their side, they will play local on every game and that counts a lot talking about soccer.

Greece will come to this Euro with all hopes on repeating their outstanding performance on 2004 when they won that edition. With one of the most defensive teams on Europe, these guys will make a wall on the field and start building their offensive with well directed passes and fine accuracy but always keeping the most of their strength on a ferocious defense.

Russia once upon a time was a feared team worldwide, but they have dropped now to a regular team filled with ups and downs game after game. Now they are trying to build their team with a new generation of players who will take the place of the old generation on this cup, which might be the last official competition of a team filled with 30 year old or more players. This will be the young guys chance to play side to side with the Russian golden generation commanded by Andrei Arshavin and start to build their own path.

Czech Republic, by the hand of Petr Cech arrives as the other slight favorite of the group, with a mature team and some great players as Milan Baros and Tomas Rosicky they hope to get their spot for the next round based on their physical game and those three guys who will take the lead of the team with their experience and providing the young players the backup they need to perform.

The two teams to advance in this group will be Poland and Czech Republic if you ask me and the best matchup will be held between those two teams on June 16th. :-)
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